Holiday 911 Coaching Session

  • Are you tired of the holidays stressing you out?
  • Do you want to experience more joy and peace as you ring in the New Year?
  • Have you made a commitment to yourself to eat healthy and stay on track with your wellness goals, but are nervous about how to do that with the added holiday temptations around?
  • Are you a people pleaser and find it difficult to set healthy boundaries with your loved ones, especially this time of year, because you want them to be happy…and it’s leaving you feeling angry and resentful?
  • Do you need space to process your thoughts and emotions to someone who won’t judge you and can objectively help you determine what to do next?


If you answered yes to any of the above, you aren’t alone.

Many women find this time of year stressful, yet they tend to accept it as a time to “get through” or merely “survive.” They often put their own health and well-being needs way on the back burner telling themselves it’s “just what they need to do” because “so many people on depending on them.”

If that sounds familiar and you’re tired of ending up on January 2 feeling…

  • sluggish
  • burnt out
  • ashamed of how you look/feel
  • stressed

And, instead, want to feel…

  • confident
  • energized
  • calm
  • joyful

…but aren’t sure how, join me in a Holiday 911 coaching session.

In this 30-minute coaching session you will receive the support and accountability you need to manage holiday stress and temptations.

You also will walk away with clarity on what is keeping you stuck and how to get unstuck and will have at least one action step to take that you know you can confidently take to stay on track with your goals and manage your holiday stress.

Book as many of these as you like in December until the slots run out.

Each session is $50.  Book and show up to four sessions and you’ll get a bonus 30 minute session with me in January. Click the button below to schedule now.