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As a result of working with me privately, you will:

  1. Experience more energy so you stop ending your day feeling exhausted and like your health got in the way of accomplishing your to do list and showing up at your very best.
  2. Achieve more confidence in knowing what is best for your uniquely created body, mind and spirit.
  3. Naturally increase your enjoyment and excitement for eating healthy for your body.
  4. Short circuit your overthinking/circular thinking patterns that keep you stuck.
  5. Release perfectionist tendencies so you can move forward faster.
  6. Overcome inner resistance to making the changes you know you need to make and setting and holding healthy boundaries.
  7. Identify and release the stressors that have been sapping your energy.
  8. Learn to silence your inner mean girl.
  9. Strengthen your relationship with God so you can experience the peace and certainty that comes with knowing you are hearing from Him.
  10. Walk away from each session knowing exactly what steps you need to take to move toward your goal.


Here’s a peek into the phases you will experience as part of this system

One…Chart Your Course: Right from our very first session together, you will get crystal clear on exactly what you want to achieve and be experiencing for your energy and your life and why it’s non-negotiable. Without this critical step, the action steps you need to take to reach your goal become less clear and you are more likely to go off track or give up all together.


Two…Clear the Muddy Water: In this phase, we look at the seven major factors that contribute to our overall well being, energy, focus and confidence (e.g. what + how you eat/drink, exercise, sleep, stress, self(less) care, calendar, faith) and start to develop strategies to clear them out, one step at a time.

Clearing the Muddy Water allows you to get really curious about what foods + beverages, physical activities, habits and practices work best for your uniquely created body to give you the energy you want. Clients love this phase as they get to appreciate, for the very first time in some cases, how God fearfully and wonderfully made them and how He can guide them to understanding what their body wants and needs. This helps them – as it will help you – release shame, guilt or self-condemnation about what you “should” or “shouldn’t” be doing.


Three…Mend Your Mindset: After the initial boost of energy you will experience as we “Clear the Muddy Water,” you become ready for this next phase. Here, we uncover your “mindset gremlins”…the patterns of overthinking, negative self-talk and mindset blocks that have stopped you in the past from making the progress you really want to see and also drag your energy down. Once we uncover them, we bring shifts and healing to those areas so you can experience more energy, more confidence and greater focus and find it easier to make the progress you seek.

You may find some overlap between Phases Two & Three as it becomes clearer which energizing habits needed just a little tweaking to achieve success and which ones are more deeply rooted in a disempowering mindset that needs uprooting.


Four…Solidify Your Progress: During this phase, you will continue to put the new habits and mindsets into practice until they become second nature so you don’t even have to think about doing them. As a result, you’ll find you have more mental energy to think about the other areas of life that are important to you – the people you care for and your business or ministry.


Five…Focus the Overflow: In this last phase, you find yourself excited and ready for your day as you are consistently charged up, physically and mentally. In this phase, we harness this newfound energy to bring focus on how you want to continue making that lasting impact for God’s Kingdom and live firmly rooted in your purpose. You may even find yourself revisiting a past dream or hobby God had put on your heart, one you pushed aside previously from a lack of energy, but one that still feels important for you to explore or experience.


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