The Business Detox Podcat

The Business Detox ™ Podcast is for entrepreneurs who want to hear God’s voice more clearly for their business. It goes beyond business tips and strategy and does a much deeper dive to talk about why we really struggle in business, how God uses our businesses to sanctify us, how to know we’re on the right track and even call out toxicity in the marketplace. The stories are real and personal and Scripture is the foundation we stand on.

Andrea invites you to picture going on a road trip with her in each episode. Road trips create the time and space for intimacy in conversation and they stir up anticipation for what’s ahead. Jesus frequently took them, and it was along the road where lessons were taught, people healed and the gospel spread.

Sometimes, she’ll invite a friend to hop in this virtual car too. To apply to be a guest on The Business Detox ™ Podcast, please complete this form.

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