You’re a Christian entrepreneur with God-sized dreams and a Holy Spirit fire to see His Kingdom come.

You started your business because you wanted to leave the rat race behind.

Having the say so over when and where you spend time with your family, confidence in your cash flow and the ability to fund life-changing causes fuels your drive.

And yet…

As a business owner, the rat race is now a hamster wheel. A seemingly endless cycle of investing time and money so you can have more time and money. The numbers aren’t tipping in your favor and it’s wearing you out.

Something has to give way. You’re praying it isn’t you. Or your family.

You need a solution that cuts the stress and overwhelm so growing your business doesn’t run you into the ground. One that helps you implement custom strategies you love, not loathe, and that fit you better than your favorite pair of jeans.

Oh, and draws you closer to Jesus too.

A tall order? I think not.

Like your go-to custom order from your favorite coffee shop, I give you…

The Business Detox ™

This is a solution that

  • cuts the stress & overwhelm and increases your capacity because we shed the dead weight in your business
  • gives you the epiphanies for the strategies and mindset you need to get off – and stay off! – that hamster wheel
  • amplifies your sales confidence and helps you become a lead magnet because we clarify what uniquely sets you apart from every other business owner in the marketplace
  • grows your business discernment so you stop spinning in mental circles wondering if something is from the Lord…or not
  • helps you contend for that sacred time with your family by staking your claim on life-giving boundaries (hello work-life balance you define)
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The Business Detox ™ is for you, if you:

  • are a mature, or maturing, Christian entrepreneur and want to be challenged to grow in your faith through your business
  • want to redefine what success means for you and relieve the pressure from living up to expectations God never meant to be there in the first place
  • are ready to get rid of business strategies, mindsets and habits that are holding back your growth and ability to become the lead magnet for your business
  • have noticed copy-paste business programs don’t work for you. You want custom business strategies that fit better than your favorite pair of jeans so you don’t feel out of alignment in your business ever again
  • understand that thriving in your business requires heart work and mindset work along with self-reflection, building new habits, and identifying and implementing business strategies
  • are investment-minded and have the resources available to hire a coach without it creating a strain on your finances
  • love the idea of choosing a level of coaching support that is right-sized for both your current season of business and your goals.

There are three levels of support that await you inside The Business Detox ™. You pick the level that meets you where you are now, where you want to go and how quickly you want to get there.

What others are saying about Andrea and The Business Detox(tm):

I came to Andrea with a business I didn’t love, burned out from trying to operate the way the world does, crippled with decision fatigue and a case of misalignment in how I was using my gifts. Through our time together, she helped me detox my business & my mindset and get back me on the same page with Jesus and how I can use my specific gifts to bless others in a unique way! Andrea is truly gifted, Spirit-led and uses Biblically-sound teaching and coaching strategies to get to the root of things underneath. She pulls out juicy wisdom that leads to clarity, peace, action & breakthrough. Thank you Andrea for helping me get back to God’s voice, my forgotten dreams and a newfound direction I feel SO good about!

Lo O, Good Works Devotions

I started working with Andrea to find clarity in my business. I was stuck in frustration mode for months. Working with Andrea took me from being frustrated to being clear and focused on who I wanted to work with fairly quickly. Her leading questions helped me to see my confusion and helped to clarify an important part of my business. During our sessions, I felt she completely understood my struggle and asked powerful questions that helped relieve my stress. I really appreciated her direct questions and calling me out when she heard something like resistance or a mindset issue I needed to shift. She’s also gentle but firm, which, as a hardened New Yorker, I appreciated. I felt she really wanted to see me win and wanted me to gain this clarity as much as I did. I appreciate her connection to Holy Spirit and her focus on the session. I felt she was truly listening. I feel confident in moving forward because of her assistance, and highly recommend her services.

Leslie L, Time Management Coach

I absolutely loved my weekly sessions with Andrea and found them to be incredibly helpful in working through my business challenges and taking a deeper look at why some of the things felt “hard” in my business. She helped me brainstorm ways to pivot my messaging and services to better align with who I am. She also gave me the power to be kind to myself and to reframe how I think about things.

Sylvie H, Personal Stylist