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vegan pumpkin pie (dairy free, sugar free)

  Before we get to the recipe for this vegan pumpkin pie, would you like to sprinkle in some joy to your inbox this December? Click the button to join the 31 Days of Joy email series – it’s like an Advent calendar for your inbox.   Right. Onto the recipe. I never used to like pumpkin pie. It was a texture thing. But for some reason, I could dig into this all day long. The best part? Instead of leaving you feel sluggish and weighed down, removing the dairy and added sugars helps your body feel lighter and energized. …

vegan chocolate pudding (raw, gluten free, added sugar free)

When you need a chocolate fix, you need this vegan chocolate pudding. It’s been one of my favorite go-to dessert recipes for years. The inspiration for it came from a bonus recipe pack for the Oh She Glows cookbook. It’s incredibly easy to whip up and, even better, is free of added sugars so it doesn’t give you the crash and burn that typically happens with desserts. When you first mix it up, it has the texture of pudding, but will take on the texture of a thick mousse once refrigerated. To keep a more pudding-like consistency, try adding your …

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