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Fighting the Spiritual Battle of a Sugar Addiction

When it comes to a sugar addiction, it’s as much a SPIRITUAL battle as a physical, mental and emotional one. 🥊 The enemy LOVES to use it to keep you from reaching your full potential because he knows you blame yourself for the battle. It also can be a sign you are operating in unbelief over what is possible for you in your health. As a result, you give the enemy a right to continue taunting you in this area. This is rarely talked about when it comes to our health, so it may sound a little odd. However, if …

6 day sugar buster bootcamp

When you struggle with a sugar addiction, getting started with a sugar detox plan from someone who knows how to overcome it the right way makes all the difference. ************************************************************ Get started with the 6 Day Sugar Buster Bootcamp now. ************************************************************* I used to underestimate the way added sugars were impacting my health, yet deep down, I knew I could be feeling much better by: having more energy experiencing better mental clarity reducing bloat and digestive discomfort having less anxiety. When God first started telling me to detox from sugar, I resisted the thought because it felt overwhelming and scary. …

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Lessons from the home gym: Is your inner perfectionist holding you back?

Inner perfectionist? This is for you. #mondaymotivation It may not look like it, but this is my workout space. It’s shared with a drum set, tools, things we store and it’s in a creepy century-home basement. It ain’t pretty and isn’t perfect and it feels embarrassing to share. But it’s where the work happens. Not just the literal work of working out. It’s so.much.more than that. It’s the work of choosing to: sweat it out to become stronger instead of sitting in the comfortable places be okay with modifying moves that would otherwise cause injury even though I really want …

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