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blueberry banana bread bars (vegan, no added sugar)

  I love hard-working recipes – especially ones that can work as breakfast, dessert or a snack! And these blueberry banana bread bars are perfect for all three. I have a particular soft spot for these since it’s one of the first recipes I tried (thanks to the inspiration of Angela’s muffin tops recipe at Oh She Glows) that didn’t require any added sugar. And didn’t end up a yucky gummy mess which can happen when you remove the dairy and the added sugar. These blueberry banana bread bars are just one of the recipes featured in my 7-day plant-based …

stretching your grocery budget: money saving apps

(this post contains affiliate links which carry no cost to you but help support this blog)   I’m serving up something a little different for you today and talking about money. Specifically, how you can save it. While paper and printable coupons are still around, there are newer kids in town who are here to save you money: apps. They function similarly to paper coupons, but (I think) carry higher payouts and are much safer than printable coupons which can invite viruses into your computer. While money saving apps involve a little extra step than simply clipping coupons and handing …

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