My number one secret to better health

It’s no secret that I love sharing plant-based recipes. But there’s a secret I haven’t shared. Until now.

While I love eating a plant-based diet, I discovered an even bigger gamechanger for my health. It’s one I never thought I’d make in a million years. After choosing to follow Jesus, it’s been one of the best decisions I’ve made in my life.


What is it?

Detoxing from sugar and maintaining a diet free of added sugars. (You can read all about why I went on this crazy journey in the first place by clicking here.)

Let me tell you, undergoing a sugar detox was hard. It took me six months to work up the courage and do the research and plan and pray before I finally felt ready to detox from sugar.

I wasn’t sure if I would be successful. I worried it would be too hard and stressful to cook one way for myself and another for my family. I wondered if cutting myself off from all the desserts and foods I enjoyed would be worth it. (It was and you can read about that here.)


But that’s not secret. It’s this…

Because I experienced a huge transformation in my health I wanted to pass that gift on and create a way for anyone to do a sugar detox virtually hassle-free.


So I created a 28 Day Sugar Detox Program.

I took what I learned and experienced in detoxing from sugar for three months and condensed it down to a manageable, bite-sized 28 day program.

Not only have I done the hard leg work of planning out what you need to eat for each week of the detox which frees up your time, I’ve also included a full week to prepare you for the detox itself and set you up to successfully complete the full 28 days.

I give you all the recipes, meal plans, mental prep work, tip and cheat sheets electronically to download. Plus, there’s one extra piece that makes this program totally doable…coaching support.

As a Sugar Detox Coach, it’s my job to keep you motivated throughout the program, cheer you on and fully equip you to navigate the hardest parts of the sugar detox with confidence. So I created a companion email series which helps coach you through the program to stay focused and on track.

And, if you want a little more personal support and accountability, I offer that too.

Head on over here to check out the program details.