Not “just a hike,” Root is designed to be an immersive experience that uses the terrain and aspects of creation to draw you deeper into appreciating your body as a gift and your connection with God, along with sharing in the fellowship of other women. The goal of this series is to have you walk away (no pun intended 😉 ) from this experience feeling renewed and refreshed in your body, mind and spirit.

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It’s a unique experience which is designed to engage your body, mind and spirit and refresh your soul through teachings and journaling prompts and questions. Just as each location is fresh, each hike has different content for the rest and reflect sections to engage your mind and spirit in different ways.

No. You can do one or as many as you like and as your calendar allows. We would love to have you join us for all five of the “regular” season and offer a discount if you choose to purchase it as a Season Pass package.

Yes. In the event of bad weather or need to cancel, we have a makeup hike scheduled for October 1. The exact location is TBD, but will most likely be Chapin Forest or in the Cuyahoga Valley National Park.

The hikes happen rain or shine unless there is very heavy rain and/or thunderstorms/lightening forecasted for the area we are hiking in. We will send you recommended gear/dress in the event of rain. Registrants who provided a phone number that can receive text would be notified via text if a cancellation will occur due to weather.

We always pray that rain won’t interfere with the planned hike and last year God made that way for us even when it was in the forecast!

We are extremely cautious to say yes to this as sometimes our fur babies can be a distraction to us and others. ❤️

If you have a dog you would like to bring, these are the requirements, no exceptions: leashed at all times (and please bring bags to clean up after any bathroom stops 😉); you must be able to guarantee your dog will be extremely quiet (is not given to barking or whining, especially when other dogs or animals are spotted), does not approach or jump up on people, especially uninvited and will sit quietly for up to 15-20 minutes during our rest & reflect stops.

If you have a large dog, we ask you to consider leaving him/her at home – some women are nervous around dogs, and larger dogs can be especially intimidating even when very well mannered. If needed, we reserve the right to request you leave your dog in the car (if it is safe to do so/would not harm your dog’s health), or consider attending a different hike on a future date. This would only be in the event we feel a dog is a distraction as we want to preserve the reflective nature of the hiking experience for all attendees.

Teenage girls who enjoy hiking and love quiet reflection times are absolutely welcome.

The hikes are intended for you to be filled and connect with the Lord and other women. Since the rest and reflect spots in the hike involve teaching, questions and exercises to invite you to dive deeper into your faith, we want to be sure you (and the other women) have the space to do this distraction-free.

If you would like your family to experience the location, they are certainly welcome to do so, but not as part of the group experience. Family members need to be aware that the hikes may take 2-2.5 hours depending on pace as well as time for the rest + reflect spots.

We would love to have you invite your female friends and encourage you to do so! Nonbelievers are very welcome too, and we think this would be an amazing way to have you share your faith with them. However, they do need to be open about hearing about God/Jesus during the rest and reflect stops. If they feel challenged by what is shared, please know we would love to come alongside you in helping them with their questions – even if just through prayer. <3

It depends on your physical condition. All trails are around the 2-2.5-mile mark, although some are a little longer. Most have at least one up and down section, but some are more gradual than others, while others are more challenging, but there are plenty of flat sections at all the locations. Check each location for more details on the terrain.

At minimum, a good pair of hiking or running shoes with treads, a water bottle, bag/backpack and clothing appropriate for the weather are the basic essentials. But see below for a more detailed list.

*All participants need to bring this signed waiver as well.*