When you want to build a thriving Kingdom business, who better to turn to than the King of Kings for guidance? That’s exactly what awaits you inside Rock Solid Business: 33 Lessons from Jesus for Entrepreneurs!

Rock Solid Business helps Christian business owners do business God’s way and operate according to His Kingdom principles. As you engage with the material, you’ll identify how God invites you to approach business differently. You’ll also spot and weed out worldly practices that invite pressure, confusion, exhaustion, doubt and fear.

Inside the workbook are 33 devotional-style lessons to help you glean business principles from Jesus’s life here on Earth. Each lesson is backed up with Scripture references if you want to spend more time in personal study. It also indicates exactly which business pillars the lesson relates to.

Additionally, each lesson includes a “Pulse Check” and “Meditate & Apply” section.

The Pulse Check statements serve two purposes: to help you evaluate to what degree you’re already effectively applying each lesson to your business. They also reveal areas to work on to help your business become more Rock solid.

The Meditate & Apply section offers questions to reflect on. They will strengthen the application of your faith to your business and spark ideas to actively apply the lessons to it.

The Bonus Material Packet + Masterclass includes accompanying templates, exercises and material to help you actively apply many of the workbook lessons to your business. The masterclass itself is a recording from a live 90-minute session which gives you the opportunity to hear how God uses the lessons and exercises to impact other believers in the marketplace too.

Rock Solid Business Workbook, Bonus Materials +Masterclass

Combine Rock Solid Business with the Fearless in Business Workbook + Videos

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Who is the workbook + masterclass best suited for? Any Christian entrepreneur or business owner who wants to build a Kingdom business and do business God’s way. Please note if you don’t have a business yet or are just starting out, you mostly likely will require additional support that’s geared to addressing the initial start up phase. Many of those are available for free online or possibly at small business centers in your local community. However, these lessons will help you avoid many of the pitfalls that come with following worldly business advice.

Do you offer refunds? Only if you can demonstrate you went through the workbook(s), engaged fully in the content and still got nothing from it. However, I’m highly confident that won’t be the case. 😉