Navigating seasonal shifts for believers in business

You are always heading into, out of, or are right in the thick of a season. It may be a season directly related to the calendar, or it could be a particular season of life or business.

Seasons directly impact the buying behavior of your kindred clients or customers. When you anticipate how different seasons impact their buying behavior, it helps you plan out your offers, sales strategy and marketing approach.

However, it’s not just your target audience you need to be mindful of if you want a healthy business.

Understanding how different season impact you as a business owner helps you stay energized, avoid burnout and find purpose in every circumstance.

The Navigating Seasonal Shifts for believers in business guided journal and workbook helps you accomplish all of that.

The guided workbook includes two sections.

The first targets your spiritual growth while also helping you apply Scripture directly to your business. It take 28 “seasonal shifts” contained in verses two through eight in Ecclesiastes 3 and uses them to create questions that can help you discern and clarify the messages God has for you about your business.

The second section helps you with business planning. It provides questions that apply to your target audience and to yourself. The workbook then shows you to apply your answers to shape your business calendar and schedule, your offers and marketing. It also includes a planning calendar to help you visually identify gaps and opportunities.

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