I completely understand!

Making a change in your diet is not easy. If it was, we would all be eating healthy all the time, right?!

So here is what I want to offer to you, if you are determined that this time you want to succeed at sticking to a plan and seeing it through…

For the week that you are committing to the seven day plant-based refresh, you can have access to me as your personal coach through Voxer.

If you’re not familiar with Voxer, it’s a free app you download to your phone and it works like voice/text messaging system. It’s like the one you already have on your phone, but I save Voxer specifically for my clients so they don’t get lost in the message shuffle.


How does Voxer coaching work?

During the week of your refresh, whenever you are tempted to stray from the diet or encounter a situation that makes it feel impossible to stick to the plan or even if you have a question about a recipe or ingredient, you simply voice or text me a message. I will then get back to you as soon as possible that same day. During the weekday business hours, I often can respond within a couple hours and try my best to do so. The only day I do not check and respond to messages is after 8 pm EST on Saturday evenings through 7 am ESt Monday mornings and while I’m on vacation. We would discuss this before you start your refresh so you will know exactly what you can expect from me.


How much does it cost?

$50 USD for six days of Voxer coaching.


Okay, I’m interested, what next?

Fill out the contact form below and tell me the date you would like to start the refresh. Within two business days, I will send you the payment information (I use PayPal), an intake form so I get to know you better and a contract outlining the terms of the Voxer coaching. When I receive both your payment and your signed contract, I’ll provide you with my Voxer account and we’ll connect in there and get started!


Tired of struggling with your addiction to sugar? Afraid that life will be so...depressing without it?

What if I told you that you could immediately start cutting back on your sugar consumption and you wouldn't even miss it?!

Sound too good to be true?

It isn't!

You see, food manufacturers slip sugar into their recipes because it keeps you addicted and craving more of their product. Creepy, right? But for many of these products, added sugar has no business being there in the first place and you won't even miss it if it's gone!

That's why I've create a list of

It's 100% free for you to download when you sign on for VIP access to my newsletter.

PLUS, I have two additional bonuses in the works when you sign up for this list in April:

  • a "level up" list of sugar free foods where you will probably notice a difference in taste but it will still feel similar to the products you are used to consuming
  • a Sneaky Snacks recipe book containing some of my favorite added sugar free desserts and snacks that are easy to make + fun to eat.

How do you become a VIP and gain access to all these goodies? It's easy!

Simply fill out your name and email address and click the "GET MY FREE DOWNLOAD" button. And that's it.

Ready? Go.

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