When doubt is present anywhere in your mind, it’s space that is not occupied by the Lord. It’s why detoxing it out naturally creates more room for Him to come in. As a result, you also become more fearless because perfect love (God!) casts out fear (1 John 4:18).

Fearlessness is required if you want to fully step into the places you are anointed and appointed for in your business. Without it, you hold back and the level of impact you have on the world around you shrinks.


Doubt is sneaky and causes many believers to confuse head knowledge with authentic belief. For example…

Do you believe God is your provider who knows your need before you need it?

In order to answer yes to that question, the following also needs to hold true at all times:

(Therefore, when the clients and finances don’t come in your business, it doesn’t cause you to question His faithfulness or character – eg that He’s holding out on you – and doesn’t spin you into striving (See Matthew 6:8 and Philippians 4:19)

That right there is an example of how this framework takes you on a much deeper dive to expose all the ways doubt is showing up in your business…and your life. It reveals the inconsistencies between what you say you believe and what your actions and reactions reveal. Even the most mature believers in Christ wrestle with doubt. Otherwise they would be perfect (but you’ll have to buy the workbook and watch video #3 to find out why this is true.)

50+ pages of guided questions that reveal your deepest layers of doubt. Included are three companion videos to enhance your experience of going through the workbook and shed additional light on doubt and how to release it.

This workbook is for you if you’re a business owner and find yourself…

  • stuck in patterns overthinking & perfectionism (like it takes foreeeever to write your social media posts and you keep tinkering with your offers)
  • second guessing your business decisions
  • morphing your strategies & content to fit what looks like is working for others entrepreneurs (but they don’t really feel aligned at all for you)
  • worry you’ll miss out on what God has for you
  • working to the point of soul deep exhaustion
  • drowning in overwhelm and information overload
  • determined root out every little thing that is holding you back from giving Jesus the All Access Pass to your life & business

Workbook + Companion Videos ($37+tax)

Workbook + Video Bonus with a 60-minute Coaching Session* ($250)

Fearless In Business Coaching

*Perfect for when you aren’t ready for a longer commitment in working with a coach, but want more clarity for your business. You can use the coaching session for anything, but the added bonus of the workbook helps us resolve sticking points more quickly and move you into focused action.

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To test the Fearless in Business framework, I took a number of entrepreneurial friends through it inside a masterclass. These friends were strong in their faith and had known Jesus for awhile. Yet, within that hour, they began to receive a new level of breakthrough and revelation as the veil lifted and scales fell from eyes. It even started within the first couple of pages. You can see some of their testimonials below.