If you want to become more fearless in your business, it starts with detoxing doubt from your mind.

Well-seeded doubt is what the enemy has always used to stop God’s children from following Him fully and freely into their purpose.

This digital workbook contains a framework to help you identify the subtle, subconscious ways doubt is showing up so you can fight it head on and become more fearless!

50+ pages of guided questions that reveal your deepest layers of doubt.

This workbook is for you if you’re a business owner and find yourself…

  • stuck in patterns overthinking & perfectionism (like it takes foreeeever to write your social media posts and you keep tinkering with your offers)
  • second guessing your business decisions
  • morphing your strategies & content to fit what looks like is working for others entrepreneurs (but they don’t really feel aligned at all for you)
  • you feel like an imposter or fraud even though deep down you know you have the skills, gifts and talents to significantly impact the people you are called to serve
  • worry you’ll miss out on what God has for you
  • working to the point of soul deep exhaustion
  • drowning in overwhelm and information overload
  • determined root out every little thing that is holding you back from giving Jesus the All Access Pass to your life & business

Andrea Anderson, is a consultative coach and is accredited at the PCC level through the International Coach Federation. Her signature program, The Business Detox™, is for clients who want to give Jesus the All Access Pass to their life & business and live wholeheartedly for God. Inside the program, Andrea helps her clients spot where they’re fighting the Lord on what He wants to do in and through them, grows their confidence in distinguishing God’s voice above all others and helps them build their business Kingdom principles. Her specialty is working with empaths, entrepreneurs who have unconventional business models or visions, and those with generational patterns of workaholism. She also is the host of The Business Detox Podcast™. Andrea has a background in marketing communications, is certified in life and health coaching and is a teaching instructor for Christian Coaching Mastery. While she is a believer now, she used to be an atheist before coming to Christ in her mid-20’s. Originally from Canada, she resides in Cleveland, Ohio, with her husband, four children (the ones who still live at home!) and two cats who are living their best life. To connect with her further, you can find her at andrealeighco.com.