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Holiday 911 Coaching Session

Are you tired of the holidays stressing you out? Do you want to experience more joy and peace as you ring in the New Year? Have you made a commitment to yourself to eat healthy and stay on track with your wellness goals, but are nervous about how to do that with the added holiday temptations around? Are you a people pleaser and find it difficult to set healthy boundaries with your loved ones, especially this time of year, because you want them to be happy…and it’s leaving you feeling angry and resentful? Do you need space to process your …

What if you could accomplish more by doing less?

I see you, my sister. You’re a high achiever with a big heart, driven to accomplish your purpose for Jesus. Wildly passionate about making a difference in this world for the people most important to you – your family, your friends, your clients – daily, you press on, challenging yourself to do more, to be more. And yet. At the end of the day, you lay your head on the pillow with a sense of coming up short. Again. That somehow you missed out on the most important thing. It was there before you, but you couldn’t quite get your …

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