A steady flow of clients knocking on your door excited to work with you.

It’s every business owner’s dream. It’s your dream too.

You’ve been working toward that goal for a while, have soaked up aaallll the business advice, freebies and programs out there and keep bringing it to the Lord in prayer.

While you see some fruit for your hard work, it can be feast or famine. So it feels like you’re throwing spaghetti against a wall to see what will stick.

You’re tired of creating lead magnets for your business. You’re ready for it to become one.

That starts with uncovering your unique success fingerprint (USF).

HERE’S WHY: Just like God personalized your fingerprints and voice to you, He has the same DNA in mind for your business. When you understand your USF, it clarifies what sets you apart from every. other. business owner in the marketplace.

That clarity leads to greater confidence and focus in carving out:

  • Your business model + brand
  • Your sales + offers
  • Your marketing
  • Boundaries
  • Where to invest your time + money
  • Which opportunities to say yes and no to

Not only does that clarity help your business rise above the noise and attract clients like bees to honey, it also supports you as the business owner.

(Insider tip: leaning into your USF helps you shed the business stress & overwhelm which has also hindered your ability to grow. It offers a deep sigh of relief.)

Ready to uncover yours?
Join me January 16 & 17, 2024 at 1 pm ET for the Become the Lead Magnet Workshop


Early Bird Special: Secure Your Spot for Only $87 (Valid until January 9)
Starting November 10, registration is $97.

This workshop is for you if you’ve been asking yourself questions like:

  • What does set me apart in the marketplace?
  • What are the best ways to market my business?
  • I hate (insert dreaded business practice). Can I really grow my business without it?
  • How do I get rid of the pressure and overwhelm in my business?
  • Do I really have what it takes to grow my business to the next level?

Inside the workshop, we connect the dots between…your story, talents, characteristics, values and tendencies (positive & negative)…and the business decisions you’ve made up until now.

All of which have shaped both your business and you.

We’ll talk about how you take that information and apply it to your business going forward to help it stand out in the marketplace and become the lead magnet.

It will be the epiphany you needed over why you’ve struggled up to now and how to move beyond those roadblocks.

Early Bird Special: Secure Your Spot for Only $87 (Valid until January 9)
Starting November 10, registration is $97.

Workshop Details:

  • Two-day interactive online workshop (January 16 & 17 at 1 pm ET, 90 minutes each day).
  • Access to workshop replays for your convenience.
  • Comprehensive workbook to guide your journey.
  • Access to a Canva template that applies your workshop insights to your brand
  • An online portal to connect with fellow Christian entrepreneurs.
  • Bonus: I’ll show you in Scripture the success fingerprints from familiar faith heroes

Early Bird Special: Secure Your Spot for Only $87 (Valid until January 9)
Starting November 10, registration is $97.


I can’t make it live. Will there be a replay? Yes. The replay will be available through November.

Why not unlimited access to the replay? Because I want you to get the most out of your investment! All too often self-paced programs and replays sit unaccessed because they’re easy to push off as other squeaky wheels in your life squeak away. By creating a deadline, it increases the likelihood your brain will lift it up your priority list. Lastly, I find the people who get the most out of the workshop are the individuals for whom this is hitting at the right place and right time. If you can’t make it live and aren’t sure if you can watch the replay within that time period, it’s better to wait until the next time I offer this.

Who is this workshop ideally for, Andrea? Great question! Ideally, it’s for Christian entrepreneurs who are experiencing stress & overwhelm in their business. If you’re also confused why your business isn’t consistently generating the revenue you need it to, why investments you’ve made in the past haven’t paid off, struggle with comparison or FOMO or you want to avoid these pitfalls going forward, you’ll love this workshop!

If I haven’t started my business, does this even makes sense to attend? Yes. It will help you avoid making many of the mistakes most entrepreneurs make saving you time & money on the front end.

I’ve been in business for awhile and am making money. Why do I need this? Maybe you don’t. If your business is giving you exactly the results you are looking for and you don’t consistently feel stressed out and overwhelmed, then it sounds like you’ve already figured this out.

I’m not a Christian, can I still attend? Yes, as long as you understand we are digging into the Bible, praying in Jesus’ name and talking about God as part of it.

Why is there a cost to it? I only want business owners inside the workshop who are investment-minded and are serious about their business becoming the lead magnet. Free offers don’t really solve the problems you’re experiencing in your business. 😉

Early Bird Special: Secure Your Spot for Only $87 (Valid until January 9)
Starting November 10, registration is $97.

What people are saying

The workshop was helpful to identify key things about my past and to fine a theme that was recurring in my life around my business. My favorite part was the favor index! It helped me also understand my spiritual gifts a bit more.

-Lydia H, Copywriter

I loved the workshop and thought it was fantastic. All the questions and everything you had us work through in the workbook was both helpful and valuable. The workbook alone was worth the ticket price.

-Jessica K, Ripple Boxes

Early Bird Special: Secure Your Spot for Only $87 (Valid until January 9)
Starting November 10, registration is $97.