Client Testimonials

 Caitlin C. says…

When I started working with Andrea, I began to experience changes even after just a few weeks! Not only did she help me cut back on sugar and identify what felt best for moving my body, she also helped me set better boundaries between my work and personal life and have more structure in my days so I was better able to manage my energy and spend time with my family. Each session we talked about what I wanted to go over and she helped me segment out what I was struggling with so we could explore my struggles in greater depth and create specific action steps for me to take. I especially loved being able to explore triggers from my past that were stopping me from moving my business forward and draining my energy. I felt she really knew what she was talking about and would highly recommend you work with her!


Barbara F says…

I initially came to Andrea for help with my sugar addiction that had started from a very early age when I was allowed to have an Oreo (or two or three) with coffee for breakfast. Since I am quickly approaching 60, it was a very ingrained habit for me to break. But with Andrea’s help, I was able to stop having my morning sugar fix within only 2 weeks! I found that breaking my morning habit also helped my curb my sugar cravings throughout the day. After several months of working together, I learned I could choose to have a sugary indulgence on occasion without it becoming habitual again. She was able to provide me with options that allowed me to satisfy my craving without the effects of sugar. As a result, I felt better physically, emotionally, have more energy and less anxiety. I also am less irritable and better able to manage every day stress. 

I loved that after we conquered the sugar addiction piece, we could move on to issues dealing with work and starting my own business. Her guidance in these areas has been priceless and eye opening. I also appreciated that she is a Christian coach because I knew she would guide me in a way that lined up with Scripture. I am so glad I chose Andrea to help me and make my life so much better!


Sylvie H. says…

I absolutely loved my weekly sessions with Andrea and found them to be incredibly helpful in working through my business challenges and taking a deeper look at why some of the things felt “hard” in my business. She helped me brainstorm ways to pivot my messaging and services to better align with who I am. She also gave me the power to be kind to myself and to reframe how I think about things like exercise being a “have” to do vs turning it into a mental strategy meeting which resonated so well with me. All of these things “stuck” with me and I have made them part of my daily routine.


Gloria H. says…

Since working with Andrea, I’ve met my weight loss goals and feel great! I could not have made the progress I have made without her. Instead of feeling hungry or deprived, I feel satisfied and am excited that this is the lowest weight I’ve been at in a long time. I also really appreciated her reminder to stop judging myself and have a more positive outlook on food in general. I liked how she not only helped me talk about my goals, but put details around them so I knew exactly what I needed to do to achieve them.

Even months after working with her, I have been able to maintain my results. When I gain a few pounds, I find I no longer have a negative outlook on the situation. I revert back to the new behaviors she taught me and I know I can reach out to her anytime. That’s a true comfort.


Sarah B. says

After just a few sessions with Andrea, I was making healthier food choices more frequently and, with exercising more consistently, I already could feel an improvement in my strength and energy levels. By the end of the program, I was meeting my exercise goals and felt I wanted to increase what I was doing. For example, I initially set my daily workout goal to 10 minutes and then increased it to 15 minutes. Now I’m up to 30-45 minutes a day!! She helped me think about my goals, dig deeper and think about all the steps I needed to take to get there, but without feeling like I had to have everything perfectly figured out – I just need to continue working on them.

I also have been able to maintain and build on the success we had. Initially, I really needed that weekly check-in to help push me to establish the routine. Once I had the habit formed, I was able to maintain it. There were a lot of other changes she helped me through too that have made such a difference: anchoring goals, getting a printer so I can print recipes and anything else (this has been so helpful!), getting kids to cooperate by using video games as currency, to do lists, healthy eating tips.


Stefanie M says…

Andrea helped me to reduce my stress levels in the time we worked together. Meal planning and mealtimes used to stress me out, but I find I am now able to stay on top of meal planning with the system she helped me develop. I am planning further in advance and, when Covid-19 hit, I found it especially necessary to keep up these habits and was even able to improve with them!

Also, looking back on some of the things I journaled about in my relationship with my daughter and some difficult emotions— I realize I don’t feel the weight of those anymore. I also am now more quick to evaluate what is going on and remove stressful things from my life that are unnecessarily causing a burden.


Julie M says…

In working with Andrea, I was able to release the guilt I felt about my food choices and I realized I have the freedom to choose what I  do and do not eat based on how it makes my body feel. I also learned to identify other ways I need to feel nourished and how to remain committed to my health. Additionally, I found the sessions helpful because they created a pause in my schedule so I could think through the changes I wanted to make and how to go about it. 


Jennifer K says..

With the tools Andrea helped me learn during coaching and the encouragement she gave, I have been able to change the way I approach and follow through with things. For example, I knew I wanted to start running and I knew it would be tough, but she walked me through setting realistic goals and helped me develop a reward plan to keep me encouraged. With eating, Andrea helped me with new recipes and a simple and realistic plan for meals. It was big to have someone help me through that!

Accountability is huge for me too. When I knew we would talk through things and that she would ask me how I’m doing in working toward my goals, it gave me more of a drive to keep it up. Some things have taken more work than others, but that’s simply because changing habits isn’t always easy work. That’s why it’s been so helpful and amazing to have her come alongside me. Andrea’s patience was huge. If I didn’t address a goal I said I would…I never felt judged or shamed…but she also brought the goal back up and helped me address it again to make sure it didn’t get lost.  Andrea is amazing and I appreciate her!


Willow S. says…

I had a strong desire to change the way I was eating and Andrea was able to nourish and feed that desire. Not only did she provide great tips, like how to support my desire to eat at restaurants but without sabotaging my goals, she also went deeper to learn more about me and my eating habits and why I do the things I do. I also enjoyed receiving recipes made from ingredients I use most as well as clever ideas on how to make what I already eat healthier.