28 Day Sugar Detox

28 Day Sugar Detox

For years I lived with symptoms I accepted as normal… digestive issues (think gas…so embarrassing!), anxiety, frequent exhaustion, seasonal allergies. At first it never occurred to me it didn’t have to be this way. I chalked it up to being a mom of four very active children and life. What’s worse, so did the doctors I went to.

Over time, I grew increasingly frustrated with my body and had a gnawing sense a solution did exist. The previous response from my doctors eroded any confidence I had in them, so I decided to strike out on my own to find an answer. After much research and prayer, I finally hit on what I was looking for…a sugar detox. Gulp.

Even though I felt in my gut this was the right thing to do, I thought it would be too hard. I also was a little fearful to take on such a daunting project not really knowing if I could do it. It took me another six months, more research and a lot of planning to finally work up the courage to go for it.


Digestive issues resolved, reduced anxiety, more energy, and, even better, a drastic reduction in the amount of seasonal allergy medication I required. It was a turning point in my health and I decided to maintain a diet containing almost no added sugars from that point on. Now it’s my passion to help you do the same.



I took what I learned during my three-month sugar fast and condensed it to a 28-day program complete with a meal plan for each week of the program, plus tips, strategies, encouragement and motivation…everything you need to kiss your sugar cravings goodbye. Not only will this save you time and energy, but it equips you with the tools you need to confidently complete the program with flying colors and transform your health.




Please note: The email sequence which accompanies the program and helps coach you through it, is designed to start on the FIRST MONDAY immediately following your program purchase. For example, if your purchase on a Sunday before 11:59 p.m. EST/EDT, the email sequence will start the very next day. If you purchase it on a Monday, the sequence will begin on the NEXT Monday. While you’re certainly welcome to start the program when you wish, you will get the most out of it if you match the timing with the email sequence. Regardless of when you purchase the program, you will have immediate access to the downloadable materials and receive a welcome email from me.



I am fully confident all of the provided 28 Day Sugar Detox materials and resources gives you everything you need to successfully complete the program…except for one thing. The human connection.

 That’s why I want to offer you two options to consider if you crave extra support from someone (me!) with whom you can talk/text to ensure you stay on track and have all your questions answered as you journey through the 28 days.


To purchase this option, simply select the “one-to-one accountability coaching support via Telegram” from the drop down menu in the checkout. You can find it under the heading “Additional Coaching Support.” Your total investment will be $144 USD. Once you make your purchase, I will give you instructions for how we can connect in there.


To give my individual coaching clients the highest level of attention, I limit the number of spots in my one-on-one coaching program. To be considered for the program and determine if it will be a mutually good fit, please click the button below to set up a FREE 20-minute discovery call with me.



Still have a few questions about the program? These FAQ’s will help!

So when will my detox begin? If you purchase your 28 Day Sugar Detox program before midnight EST on December 30, it will start on Monday, December 31. Don’t worry! It won’t interfere with your New Year’s plans as you make zero changes to your diet the first few days. The first week is a Prep Week to get you ready for the full detox which begins the second week of the program.

When does the coaching email sequence begin? As soon as you purchase the program, you will receive a welcome email from me (check your junk folder if you don’t find it in your inbox). The rest of the coaching sequence starts on the first Monday after you purchase the program. Refer to this mini-chart to help you determine when to expect your coaching sequence (and your 28 Day Sugar Detox!) to begin.

Program Purchased           Welcome Email                    Email Sequence Begins

On a Monday                          Immediately                          Following Monday (7 days later)

Tuesday-Saturday                 Immediately                          Following Monday (2-6 days later)

Sun. by 11:59 pm EST/EDT  Immediately                            The very next day

How will I receive the materials for the Sugar Detox Program? You will be able to immediately download the workbook, recipe/meal plan book, food journal and names of sugar files which all are in PDF format. You also will immediately receive a welcome email from me. The remaining videos and materials will follow in the email sequence.

I’m a little nervous about trying this…what the heck am I going to eat?!! Surprisingly, there are many food options available to you, even during the hardest week of the program. As a coach and someone who has been through two major diet changes, I always encourage my clients to focus on what they CAN eat, not what they can’t.

I consume meat/dairy, does the meal plan make sense for me? Yes! Although the bulk of the meal plan contains plant-based recipes, it’s very easy to add meat, fish, seafood eggs and dairy into the menu if you prefer as long as they don’t contain added sugars. I provide suggestions for doing this along with a few recipes for omnivores.

Do I start cutting out sugar as soon as I purchase the program? Not immediately. You will start to cut out sugary foods mid-way through the first week (Prep Week) and I find this step down approach helps reduce the side effects of detoxing from sugar and lay a foundation of reaching for added sugar free alternatives.

How much work is involved in the program? Plan on spending about 30 minutes with the materials the very first day to read them over and take time to reflect on the questions in the workbook. After that, you’ll only need about 5-10 minutes on most days during the first two weeks. As the detox gets easier in the last two weeks, less time is required to read and reflect. I feel this gives you enough information to help you successfully complete the program without overwhelming you.

Will I be spending hours in the kitchen? It depends. If you prepare your meals as you go, it shouldn’t take you any longer than you normally spend unless you are used to relying solely on convenience foods and take out. Plus, I’m a big believer in leftovers and making larger batches so you end up saving time in the kitchen. I highly recommend setting aside at least a half day on the weekend to prep as much as possible, especially before the first week of the full detox. While that may sound like a lot, you will be extremely thankful as you go throughout the week because your food will be ready to go. At the very least, prepare your snacks ahead of time, because when you’re hungry that last thing you want to think about is what to eat.

Can I start the program anytime I want? You are certainly welcome to start it when you want, however, I believe you’ll get the most out of it when it coincides with the email sequence. The emails will further coach you through the program and help you maintain focus and motivation.

What if something happen and I need to restart the program? Do I still have access to the emails? If life happens (an illness, family crises or other significant life event), you still have access to all the materials and emails (if you saved them) so you can restart anytime. I also provide you with a link to re-boot the email sequence at the beginning of Prep Week or the start of the full detox (Week 2).

I’m not seeing any emails…what happened? It’s maddeningly common for email providers to kick emails that are part of a sequence into a junk folder. #technology To avoid this, it’s important you open the emails you receive from me so they aren’t sorted as junk. If you haven’t received at least two emails me per week, take a peek in your junk/spam folder. If you don’t see them there or can’t find them at all, please contact me at andrea@wildberrypress.com so we can remedy the program.

I’m not familiar with Telegram, but like the idea of the higher touch accountability. How does it work? It’s just like text messaging or other messenger apps. When you add one-on-one accountability and support via Telegram, you will need to download the free app to your phone. It doesn’t ask you to set up an account, but will ask you to input and verify your phone number. When you purchase this option, I will provide you with my Telegram “handle” and you can send me an invitation to connect with you there. From there, you can message me with questions and I can touch base with you between Monday-Saturday.

Do you offer refunds? Customer satisfaction is important to me and I want to be sure you feel I equipped you with the tools necessary to successfully complete your 28 Day Sugar Detox. However, I’m only half of the equation and do not guarantee results. 😉 If you can demonstrate you faithfully followed the program (e.g. completed the workbook, followed the meal plans and applied what was shared in the videos and emails) and yet were unsatisfied with the program, then I would be happy to consider fully refunding your investment in the program. Your refund request must be placed within 40 days of your purchase and you may direct that to andrea@wildberrypress.com. Please see my full refund policy as outlined in my Terms of Service.