How to Overcome Obstacles as a Christian Business Owner

overcome obstacles as a Christian Business Owner

You know God has given you a big vision for your business. To you, it represents the Promised Land. You can see it, almost taste it and yet you’re still on the other side of the Jordan. Maybe it even feels like you’re back in Egypt at times. Therefore, it’s time to get a fresh word of encouragement on how to overcome obstacles as a Christian business owner.

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Episode Highlights

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  • When God calls you into business, sometimes it’s easy to get caught up in the excitement and thought of the “Promised Land” and forget about the obstacles you’re bound to encounter along the way
  • When you experience challenges or a heaviness in your business, see God’s greater purpose in allowing the obstacles to be present
  • Prophetic word for the Christian business who has been laboring to birth their business vision
  • When you don’t feel like you’ve crossed over into the “Promised Land” in your business yet, there are a several reasons why this happens
  • Suggestions and encouragement for how to work through the obstacles and overcome them

Show Notes

Do you feel like you’re standing on the brink of success in your business, but unable to take that final step into the Promised Land? Perhaps you question if you’ve heard God correctly in the first place. However, challenges are part of your business journey because you live in a fallen world. It’s why you need to learn how to overcome obstacles as a Christian business owner and not see them as a sign to shrink back in doubt or fear.

Managing Expectations

Your expectations at the start of something new makes or shakes you down the road. For example, if you expect things (like finances) to come easily because you’re building a business for God and it doesn’t happen, then you are more likely to grow discouraged.

However, if you expect to face challenges along the way, then when they crop up, you aren’t surprised. It’s why a secret to overcome obstacles as a Christian business owner is to manage your expectations from the start. 

If you feel discouraged in your business right now, consider writing down your expectations. You also can access the Fearless In Business Workbook to help you detox your doubts. It includes a section specifically to help you work through moments when reality falls short of your expectations.

When “Help” Hinders Your Progress 

(Listening to the prophetic word included in the podcast episode provides a better picture of the next few obstacles.)

At some point in your business, you recognize you need help. While it’s Biblical to surround yourself with other people to help you, make sure that counsel is “wise.” Otherwise, instead of helping you overcome obstacles, it creates them.

Many business support programs and services on the market today come from a “telling” perspective. While there is a time and place to seek advice, if it’s not preceded by listening or 100% clarity on what the Lord is asking you to do, it creates doubt and confusion. It also exhausts you in the process.

Instead, more business owners experience greater success in reaching their Promised Land when they work with someone who knows how to listen to them. Someone who also is able to draw out the solutions God is inviting them to implement. He is the only one who knows the beginning from the end. He also sees the full picture of what He’s called you to in business. It’s why you need to fully involve the Lord in the support process. If you’re ready to hire a business coach who uses that kind of model and will help you give Jesus the All Access Pass to your life and business, check out The Business Detox(™).

Numbing Out 

When challenges persist for a business owner in reaching their Promised Land, there is a temptation to “numb out” from the pain of delay. As humans, we’re often taught pain is a bad thing, especially here in the United States. However, pain is an indicator something wants to be looked at. It’s also God’s way of getting your attention.

Numbing out takes several forms, not just with drugs or alcohol. For example, with food, screens, or even work itself. It’s often harder to spot that last one as an entrepreneur if you believe it’s all up to you to birth the business vision. It’s why you need to pause and ask the Lord if you’re working in your own strength or His.

Finally, you can numb out by pulling away and not showing up in your business the way you need to. This usually happens if the Lord hasn’t cooperated with your expectations about the results you’re seeing in your business. 

Facing Fears

Fear is a consequence of living in a fallen world. A common fear among Christian entrepreneurs in particular is the fear of missing out on God’s plan for their business. Yet, giving into fear leads to resistance, doubt, and a reluctance to fully surrender to God’s guidance and timing. 

Which means success in business is about surrender. You need to let go of your own plans and trust the Lord to lead you forward. Surrender involves releasing control, overcoming resistance, and stepping into alignment with God’s purpose for your business. 

If you’re ready to conquer fear in your business, check out the Fearless In Business resource here.

Moving Forward 

As an entrepreneur called by God to the marketplace, trust His faithfulness to lead you to fulfill His calling on your life. Embrace the obstacles you encounter as opportunities to grow in the Lord and become a better business owner because of them. But also, prayerfully ask Him for the right kind of support to come alongside you as you journey into your business Promised Land.


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