Are You Born For Business?

Are you born for business?

Do you feel like you were born for business?

In this premier episode of The Business Detox ™ Podcast!, Andrea shares the beginnings of her story as an entrepreneur and why she feels she was born for business. She also shares why she believes it’s far too easy to start a business and how Christian entrepreneurs sometimes overlook or underestimate what God wants to do in and through their business.

This also is your invitation to reflect on how God has created you to be an entrepreneur and reflect on the journey He’s had you on as a business owner.

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Episode Highlights

Road trip question: What is your dream road trip vehicle? (Feel free to comment your answer to this question below!)

  • Andrea shares how she practically earned an MBA in “how to avoid what God wants to do in and through you.”
  • Making her first sale at 4-years-old, upselling, plus the time she hosted a chemistry show…
  • Struggling with doubts and confidence that people would want what she had to offer and how the teen years contributed to that
  • The deception many new entrepreneurs have today that make it seem like starting a business is like turning on the faucet and the money will flow.
  • How that contributes to the statistic that says most businesses fail within the first 3 to 5 years 
  • How, as Christians, we can start believing that because God called us to the marketplace, we won’t have to face the same challenges or hardships that non-believing entrepreneurs do
  • Why you need to see your challenges in business through God’s eyes

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