10 Essential Gifts to Reduce Business Overwhelm Right Now

essential gifts to reduce business overwhelm

In the spirit of the gift-giving season, following is a list of 10 essential gifts to reduce business overwhelm right now. Several are free and remind you of what’s available to you in the Lord. Others require an investment of varying price ranges, but can be a savvy way of reducing your business tax obligations. (That’s not tax advise – not my circus, not my monkeys. Verify with your accountant what purchases can and can’t be written off a business expense so you don’t land yourself in hot water.)

  • CEO Selah Podcast: This non-traditional podcast consists of Scripture-based meditations to help you grow from a place of rest, not stressed. Especially check out the morning & evening series’ and the one on success.
  • Pray through worship: Worship is a form of warfare that helps you claim victory over strongholds like overwhelm, especially when you pray through the songs. Here are a couple Spotify playlists that I turn to on repeat (Favorites, Prophetic)
  • Step outside: Overwhelm often shows up when you aren’t taking breaks to refresh and re-charge. While it can seem like an activity that will slow you down, God often brings the insights and energy you were trying to conjure up at your desk. Not convinced. Take it on a dare and watch what happens.
  • Deep breaths: When you’re overwhelmed, your stress response kicks in high gear. This impacts your ability to think clearly. Taking two minutes to breathe deeply helps calm your stress response. It also gives you a moment to reconnect with the Lord and the gift of His breath in your lungs.

*again, consult with your accountant to confirm these expenses can be a tax write-off for your business

  • The Business Detox(tm): I may be a little biased, but I love this one. The Business Detox(tm) is for the Christian entrepreneur who wants to achieve their next business level and knows overwhelm is hindering their progress. Inside the program, I’ll help you shed the dead weight and define custom strategies that fit you better than your favorite pair of jeans.
  • Become the Lead Magnet Workshop: Most entrepreneurs are doing things their business ’cause someone told them to. Without considering if those strategies or practices actually make sense for them. This workshop reduces overwhelm by helping you lean into your God-given fingerprint for success and His favor that has set you apart in the marketplace.
  • 2024 Business Planner: Overwhelm creeps in when we don’t have the right tools in place to keep us focused and accountable. I’m soooo excited to get my hands on this one. The Daring Daughter’s Planner was developed by my friend and business mentor, Gretchen Heinen.
  • Expandable pocket folder to stay organized: This one may seem ridiculously simple. But if you aren’t already using an expandable pocket folder to keep track of your business receipts and statements by month, get yourself one pronto. I started doing this a year ago and it’s reduced the overwhelm that comes from constantly shuffling papers around. Or trying to locate that receipt you swore was under that pile of mail sitting on your desk.
  • CoachAccountable* (best for coaches): This software has been a game changer for me to systematize my coaching practice. I spent hours (okay, days) researching programs that could streamline the way I communicate with and serve my clients. It’s not 100% perfect (no program is), but it’s upleveled my client experience and reduced overwhelm. If you have questions or want a tour, contact me.

*affiliate link

How many of these essential gifts to reduce business overwhelm are you adding to your list?

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