6 Life Lessons From Jesus To Reduce Business Overwhelm

reduce business overwhelm

Raise your hand if you’ve said these words when it comes to your business: “I’m so overwhelmed.” Now think about how many times you’ve heard other entrepreneurs say something along those lines. 

Too many to count?

While it might it seem like overwhelm is a natural part of doing business, it isn’t.

The truth is that business overwhelm, stress or pressure are red flags you’re operating out of step with God. Ooof, right?!

So how do you course correct, turn the ship around and get back in alignment with Him? Here are 6 vital life lessons from Jesus to reduce business overwhelm that you can apply right now:

Jesus accomplished His life’s mission at 3 mph. You don’t need to accomplish yours at breakneck speed. Don’t let the profound truth of this statement slip by. God could have chosen any time, any place or show up. He could have waited until this century. We literally have the world at our fingertips and can go to the ends of the earth in a day. However, He didn’t. Instead, Jesus showed up when the average speed to get anywhere – by foot, by donkey, by rowboat, was 3 mph. Tell me this doesn’t blow your mind.

The world sells you the idea that you need to build your business to impressive results as fast as inhumanly possible. It’s why you’re worn out. The good news is you can quit running at the rat race pace. Take heart at the truth of the pace God chose to change the world. Then ask Him about the pace He wants you to set to reduce business overwhelm.

Did Jesus need to pray to God? I doubt it. It’s hard to fully comprehend how His fully God and fully man worked together, but even though He was/is God, Jesus modeled the need to consistently go before our Father. He frequently stole away to remote places for focused time with Him. When faced with His final moments before His arrest, not only did Jesus pray, He asked His closest friends to keep watch and pray with Him. 

Prayer isn’t a checklist item on your task list. It’s the lifeblood of your connection with God. Therefore, ask Him to help you prioritize it above everything else on your calendar. If prayer feels awkward, ask for His help. If you don’t feel like praying, ask Him to give you the desire. Ask others to come alongside you in prayer. If you can’t think of anyone to ask, ask me! 

Like the speed of His ministry and priority of prayer, Jesus modeled the need for rest. He honored the principle God wrote into the founding week of creation – we are to set aside time to cease from work. Jesus also wasn’t shy about resting His body at awkward times. (Have you ever slept soundly while your friends tried to keep a boat from sinking? (see Matthew 8:23-27)). 

However, the need for rest isn’t about downtime. It’s about trust.

Building a thriving business isn’t about your list of wins. To paraphrase Shania Twain, “that don’t impress God much.” Thriving is the extent to which you rested and trusted in the Lord for those wins. It’s building in time to sit quietly before Him. It’s choosing to pause when you want to push forward in your own strength. 

Instead, seize hold of His invitation to rest in Him. Ask Him what rest as a business owner is meant to look like for you. Ask Him to let you know when you’re stepping out of rest before you’ve race a mile ahead of Him. And then watch what He does.

The Pharisees. The woman at the well. Nicodemus. The rich young ruler. The one about His flesh being the bread of life that His disciples needed to eat… Jesus never shied from having unsettling conversations that shook belief systems and revealed the condition of someone’s heart. He doesn’t shy from having those hard conversations with us either. If we’re willing to listen.

It’s time to be honest about hard conversations God might want to have with you about your business. Has He been nudging you to stop or start something you keep putting off? When it comes to your business, are there beliefs you’re holding about God? Yourself? Others? That He wants to shake up and off?

Hard conversations with God aren’t comfortable. However, they are good and needed if you want to grow deeper in your relationship with Him and have a thriving business.

Have you stopped to consider the beauty in Jesus inviting others to help Him with His ministry? As God-with-us, He didn’t need the help. He desired it. He was birthed and cared for by Mary. John the Baptist went before Him to prepare people for His entrance to ministry. Peter, John and James were in His closest circle. His core evangelism team included the other nine disciples. Women, specifically, were highlighted as His financial supporters. If our All Sufficient God chose to depend on others, we need to take note and intentionally do the same.

Reflect on the team God has brought around you: 

  • interns, contract workers or employees you’ve hired
  • people who’ve mentored and helped your personal growth
  • Individuals who have cheered you on, prayed for you, shared your business with others
  • the clients and customers who support your business

Thank and praise Him for those team members in specific ways they have helped your business. Also reflect where you have gaps in your team. Ask God where you are trying to be “all sufficient” and where He is inviting you to lean on others to reduce business overwhelm.

If you fear opposition and conflict as a business owner, it’s time to take a closer look at Jesus’ relationship with it. During His years of ministry, Jesus was consistently confronted with people who questioned His:

  • deity
  • identity
  • sanity 
  • authority
  • timing and 
  • His decisions

The opposition wasn’t from the Pharisees, Gentiles or crowds alone. It included His half brothers, His cousin, His friends and His disciples. From His inner circle, came the ultimate betrayal. If you face opposition in your business, then you are in good company with your Savior.

Instead of heading for the hills when opposition presents itself, lean into it with the Lord. Reflect on the opposition you’ve faced in your business. What did it teach you? What might God still want you to learn from it? 

If you’re confronted with opposition right now, ask the Lord for His purpose in allowing it to persist? How might He be asking you to address it in order to refine you or your business?

Which of these 6 vital life lessons from Jesus to reduce business overwhelm resonated with you the most?

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