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lead generation for Christian entrepreneurs

A steady flow of clients and customers knocking on the door excited to work with you…

The ability to generate leads with consistency is every business owner’s goal and dream. It makes growing a business that much easier. Yet lead generation is one of the top challenges entrepreneurs consistently face. It’s not just a about the numbers, but in identifying the best way to go about it, too.The longer you’ve tried to solve this problem, the more it probably feels like you’re throwing spaghetti against a wall to see if it will stick.

If trying to generate leads consistently in your business has felt like a thorn in your side or the process wears you out, here are two questions to consider:

  1. Are you 100% confident in how God has set you apart in the marketplace from every other business and business owner?
  2. Do you have 100% clarity on the “fingerprint for success” God has in mind for your business and how to apply that to your business decisions?

(If you answered yes to both and still aren’t generating leads consistently, something else is going on. Let’s do a complimentary consult and see what that might be.)

If you answered no to one or both of those questions, you’re missing a foundational piece to generating leads. And without the burn out.

Here’s why:

Understanding how God has set you apart and the success fingerprint He has in mind for your business does several things:

  • It protects you from growing it in your own strength and based on your own perceptions. Both of which have limits.
  • It also guards against FOMO, comparison and investing time and money in business growth strategies that aren’t the best fit in the first place. All three will wear you down and cause you to lose focus.
  • When this foundational piece snaps into place, your confidence grows, which leads to showing up with greater consistency.

All together, this helps your business become the lead magnet.

It’s the better way to generate leads and grow your business free from dead weight.

Join me in the next Become the Lead Magnet Workshop to uncover how God has set you apart in the marketplace, the unique success fingerprint He has for you and how to apply it to your business.


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