3 things you need to detox in your business in October

3 things you need to detox in your business in October


With summer vacation mode switched off, the back-to-school surge behind us and the holiday season looming ahead, there tends be a flurry of business activity between mid-September and mid-November…new product and service launches, workshops, conferences and other events top the list.

To restores a sense of sanity to the chaos and to prevent overwhelm from overtaking you, here are three things you to detox in your business in October:

Pressure to achieve your year-end business goals. Pressure indicates you’re taking on a bigger load than God intends for you to carry. It also will trigger a stress response in your brain. When you brain is in stress mode, you get tunnel vision and your ability to think creativity and problem-solve is shut down. Try this instead: Ask Him just for the next thing He wants you to focus on. When you focus on what’s next, it calms your brain and increases your capacity to focus. It also relieves the pressure from having to figure out all the pieces and see how they fit together.

Trying to show up everywhere is a sign FOMO is at play. It’s also unrealistic. When you say yes to more “opportunities” than you really have time for, it decreases your ability to be fully present – in the opportunity itself, in the other areas of your business and in your personal life. Instead, ask God where HE wants you to show up…then forget the rest.


Comparison. It’s the fastest way to feel defeated and unmotivated in your business. Everyone has their own race to run and when you focus on what others are doing or achieving, it distracts you from taking action in your own business either because you now feel less confident and/or you’re spending time thinking about others instead of what you need to do to move your business forward. If you find yourself about to fall into the comparison trap, prayerfully take this question to the Lord: “What is triggering this and what do I need to do about this trigger?”

Which of the above do you most need to detox in your business in October?


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