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hint, hint: sample of a recipe I share with you in the Bootcamp

When you struggle with a sugar addiction, it can feel like you’ll never be able to conquer it. Yet, deep down you know you could feel much better than you do right now.

Daily, you feel more tired than you want, your ability to focus and accomplish your to do list feels like an uphill battle and you don’t like how it impacts your relationship with God – you sense something feels slightly “off” and you want to resolve it.

Yet the thought of kicking the sugar habit feels scary.

You aren’t sure how to go about it and doubt if you can really do it.

I want you to know you can do this and it is possible. It’s exactly why God prompted me to create the 6 Day Sugar Buster Bootcamp.

sugar addiction help

When you go through the Bootcamp, you will:

  • learn how to step down your sugar intake to minimize the “side effects” of breaking up with sugar
  • gain confidence in knowing how to beat a sugar addiction without feeling deprived
  • discover more about why you struggle with a sugar addiction … increasing your awareness is always the first step in transformation
  • understand how sugar impacts your body to help you make empowered food choices in the future


Here’s what you get inside the Bootcamp:

  • A 13-day email series to walk you through each day of the bootcamp: 4 “warm up” days to get you excited and in the right mindset, 3 prep period days where you focus on the tasks that sets you up for success, 6 full Sugar Busting Bootcamp days
  • Access to the CEO Wellness Revival community on Facebook to connect with other Bootcampers and receive accountabililty + support
  • Tips, strategies and hacks to successfully make it through the bootcamp without losing your cool
  • HUGE recipe pack (more than 50!), 6-day menu idea and swap strategies and tip sheets so you know what to make that is “Bootcamp compliant.” Breakfast, lunch, dinner, snacks + desserts.


To join, click the button below and sign up before we kick off with the warm up period on January 11.

sugar addiction bootcamp

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