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Fear not.

I’m sure you’ve been inundated with all the emails, messages and news stories on the Coronavirus. I’m right there with you.

However, since most of what we’re hearing is either telling us, directly or indirectly, “to be afraid” or to be “very concerned” or “extremely worried,” I think we also need to hear the messages that tell us to do the opposite. That may sound counter-intuitive or like I’m advising you to throw caution to the wind, but it isn’t and I’m not.

Keep reading to see why…

Ironically (or not), fear is the very topic God had me teach on in the women’s Bible Study during our mission trip to the Dominican Republic last week. It’s only hitting me now why it was so important for me to speak on our fears. And worries. And anxieties. Because they clearly are running at a fever high pitch in the world right now.

(Choosing that topic is not a coincidence. It’s an all-knowing God knowing exactly what we need before we know we need it.)

Why am I sharing this?

Because if God tells us not to fear and He knows everything we will face, then we need to trust there are reasons for this. Also, in a time where our immune systems are our defense against this wily virus, stress and anxiety are two things that are guaranteed to weaken it.

So if we choose to give into fear and anxiety and let our stress levels rise, we become more susceptible to the very thing we’re trying to avoid and fight. (Pretty sure, this is just one of the reasons God tells us not to fear. Just sayin’.)

Which is why, if you’re feeling stressed and anxious either about the virus itself or how the realities of it will impact your daily life and livelihood and you want to experience more peace and want to keep your immune system – and your faith – strong, I have two things for you:

  • My 5-day email series, From Stressed to Centered, that is designed to bring you more energy and more peace in just 10-minutes per day. Click this link to get started with that.
  • An invitation to receive the Bible Study I put together on fear so you can see what the Bible says, why we fear and why God tells us not to. If you’d like to take me up on this, comment below or fill out the form here.

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