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Lessons from the home gym: Is your inner perfectionist holding you back?

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Inner perfectionist? This is for you. #mondaymotivation

It may not look like it, but this is my workout space.

It’s shared with a drum set, tools, things we store and it’s in a creepy century-home basement. It ain’t pretty and isn’t perfect and it feels embarrassing to share.

But it’s where the work happens.

Not just the literal work of working out. It’s so.much.more than that.

It’s the work of choosing to:

  • sweat it out to become stronger instead of sitting in the comfortable places
  • be okay with modifying moves that would otherwise cause injury even though I really want to go all out
  • believe that tiny steps toward a goal are to be celebrated instead of an excuse to give up or get down on myself that I’m not making massively impressive leaps and bounds
  • accept the imperfect setting and being grateful for it
  • be kind to myself and appreciate what my body can do instead of what it can’t
  • have a spirit of play with my workout schedule and approach so that it feels like it’s working with my life instead of against it

The inner perfectionist in me has to fight this battle daily and it’s held me back for far too long.

Which is why, if you also struggle with setting crazy high standards for yourself and battle your own inner perfectionist, I want to encourage you that it’s oooohh.kay. to accept the #perfectlyimperfect.

The world won’t end if you don’t get it right all the time or if your progress, your space, your dream doesn’t feel impressive “enough.”

It doesn’t have to.

The important thing is for you to keep getting up, getting in the ring, gritting it out and leave the results up to the Lord.



Action step for today: Share with us one perfectly imperfect action that you will take today that will bring you one step closer to your goal.

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