Wildberry Press is now Andrea Leigh Co

If you’ve been wondering why it’s been a little quiet ’round here, this is the first hint of what I’ve been working on. Actually, to be more accurate, what God has been working in me.


If you love stories, read the whole post. If you’re just into snapshots, here’s the bite-sized summary:

  • I will continue to share plant-based, no added sugar recipes.
  • But while I love sharing recipes. I want to give you more of what leads to a transformation in your health and life. Soooo…expect to see more content, products, opt-ins, etc along those lines.
  • I’m no longer trying to position this online space exclusively as a food blog so the name “Wildberry Press” no longer feels like it works with this new direction.
  • Since my VIP newsletter readers are my tribe, I will be sharing more exclusive content there. If you aren’t already a VIP subscriber, you can sign up here (its free) and get a bonus seven day plant-based meal plan + recipe book as a thank you.



Still not sure if you’ll want to stick around? If the following describes you, then you’ll definitely want to come back:

  • you want to add more plants to your diet or go all-in on becoming plant-based but aren’t sure how to begin
  • you struggle with a sugar addiction, know that it’s the reason why you feel crappy most of the time and want to kick the habit
  • you want to make a change in your diet, or already have started to, but are surrounded by people who don’t want to join you. You want to learn how to do this with less struggle or feeling isolated from those closest to you
  • you’ve tried all.the.things. when it comes to diets and you’re fed up and frustrated. You feel guilty that you can’t seem to exert any self-control around your trigger foods, but you haven’t figured out why this keeps happening. You’re finally ready to get to the bottom of it and know that with the right help, encouragement, and accountability, you will unleash that inner health warrior that can end the struggle for good.
  • you love little wellness “challenges” and to spark your motivation and give you new ideas for simple tweaks you can apply to what you’re already doing to take your health to the next level.



The “more” to the story:

While I love sharing recipes with you, it’s just not enough. Because for years now, I’ve know that I am supposed to be a coach. Like I literally heard God speak that to me as I was praying one day. Which probably sounds mental if that’s never happened to you.

All I know, is that in the time of prayer, I heard Him say, “life coach” to me when I was asking how I could authentically help people related to another business I had started. It wasn’t in an audible voice like you’d hear if I was speaking to you, but it also wasn’t a phrase I’d heard before (this was back in 2009) so I Googled it and discovered it actually was a “thing.” I ended up completing a life coaching certification course and then did…nothing.

I let all my doubts and fears stop me from actually starting a coaching business. My biggest excuse at the time was having little ones at home. But when my youngest finally started kindergarten, instead of focusing on my own business, I joined an MLM that “coached” people, but looking back now, I know it’s not what God had in mind for me.

And although I’ve tried to make this blog work as a business, it just hasn’t. Like I’ve made zero dollars as a food blogger. It’s embarrassing and frustrating, buuuut I know I’ve been using it as another excuse to go after what I really want and am called to be doing.

In the past six months, though, God has been nudging me to stop making excuses and start getting to work. His nudges have shown up in the desires He’s placed on my heart, in the encouragement and point-blank questions of friends.


So here we are…

A new name for a new direction. With more to come. #staytuned


Curious, what the big deal is about coaching? Or how real health coaching differs from personal training, working with a dietician or following boxed/packaged/mass produced fitness or meal programs? Click the button below to book a free 20-minute Curiosity Call with me which includes a 10-minute mini-coaching session around one area in your health where you feel stuck.





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