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easy party appetizer: vegan rainbow black bean dip

With 2018 quickly drawing to a close (how is that possible?!), I want to end the year on a high note with an easy party appetizer. Use it on New Year’s, for the Big Game, for Cinco de Mayo or just because. In fact, I often prepare it as a main meal.   That’s when I know I’ve hit on an especially good recipe… when I want to make – and eat – it over and over and over again!   It’s why I featured in my 28 Day Sugar Detox program. Plus it’s an example of how party foods …

you need this easy no carb snack in your life

  You need this easy no carb snack in your life if you: want to satisfy your snack cravings with something healthy that has zero carbs prefer making healthy snacks but need something that quick and easy to put together love snacks that also make great gifts and party food are on the keto diet are on a sugar detox and need something to crush your sweet tooth craving love nuts (if you don’t this recipe definitely isn’t for you #wink) This is one of my new favorite recipes because it takes little effort to make, is completely addictive and …

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