a few favorite products for cleaner eating

favorite products

As I prepare to help lead the FREE 5-Day Clean Eating Challenge that starts on Monday, I thought it would be helpful to share a few of my favorite products with you with some thoughts on why I like them.*

  1. Market Pantry All Natural (just peanuts and salt, folks) Peanut Butter @ Target: This is a recent discovery of mine. Not only does it closely resemble Smucker’s All Natural PB (which is favorite of mine), but it’s cheaper. Always an extra bonus when you save an additional 5% with your Target card and when they add it to Cartwheel. I’d say that’s definitely peanut better. šŸ˜‰
  2. Eden Organic Sauerkraut: This is one of the few sauerkraut brands I’ve seen that doesn’t add weird ingredients that make you scratch your head in wonder. And organic always rocks more than the conventionally grown produce, so it’s a double win. If you’re in the Cleveland area, you can find it for a better price at March’s or here’s a link to a similar brand at Vitacost. (See below for how you can save more on your Vitacost order).
  3. Coconut Secret Raw Coconut Aminos: Better than soy sauce or tamari, this is lower in sodium and, again, with very simple ingredients. Love the story behind this company. Yes, it’s a pricier alternative, but I can often find good deals online, like at Vitacost. You also should see it in the natural foods sections of most health food stores. (See below for how you can save more on your Vitacost order).
  4. Simply Nature Organic Popcorn @ Aldi: Another recent find o’ mine. Organic popcorn is a must if you want to avoid GMOs in the US and this kind by Aldi makes snacking a snap (or is that a pop?). Packing tip: On a recent mission trip to the Dominican Republic, I bag three bags of this in my suitcase. The air got squeezed out, but the popcorn was fine. Can use this as a handy and tasty shipping material if you’re packing fragile items.
  5. Spring Roll Wrappers:Ā  I got these at Earth Fare, but have purchased other brands too. These are a fun way to present food and make them portable. These are a better alternative to egg roll wrapper which typically contain a whole slew of questionable ingredients.
  6. Red Curry Paste by Thai Kitchen: I use this in my favorite 621 Thai Dressing. Love the simple ingredients and the zing it gives to Asian dishes.
  7. Avocado oil: Another recent discovery – this bottle is from BJs since we have a membership there. Avocado oil is a must for high heat cooking as it has a higher smoke point since most other oils become hydrogenated when heated.
  8. Kitchen Basics Veggie Stock: If I’m not making my own from veggie scraps that I save and freeze, I like this brand. No preservatives and unsalted so you can adjust the seasonings to suit your health needs and palette.

If you want to see how I’ll be incorporating these into the FREE 5-Day Clean Challenge, please visit my BeachBody page, click JOIN (in orange) and sign up for a FREE account. I’ll contact you with more details from there. šŸ™‚

*I participate in Vitacost’s Refer-a-Friend program. If you click the link and make a purchase from them, you will get $10 off on your order of $30 or more and I will also get a $10 credit.
*Disclaimer. Some of these products contain affiliate links.

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