5-day clean eating challenge (starts February 29)

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Although this challenge is now over, you can visit this post where I share the results and positive feedback our participants experienced and learn how you can participate in a Clean Eating Challenge.

What is Clean Eating?

It’s simply choosing to eat foods in their purest, unadulterated form and saying good-bye to additives, preservatives, processed, artificial and otherwise chemically-altered foods. And with the way the food industry works today, getting clean food is a challenge!

Why Eat Clean?

Thanksgiving, Christmas, New Year’s, the Super Bowl, Valentine’s Day, just because…

It doesn’t take much to derail our best intentions to eat healthy foods, especially when we’re with other people. It was the thing I struggled with most when I transitioned from eating the Standard American Diet (SAD) to a plant-based one. Over time, all these added extras add up in our bodies, running us down and it’s not until we stop eating all the processed foods that we notice just how much it affects us.

So I’m looking forward to hitting the reset button with this 5-day Clean Eating Challenge I’m doing with one of my fellow BeachBody coaches beginning February 29.

During this 5-day challenge, we will provide you with a meal plan + shopping list, tips and encouragement. We usually offer a prize or two as well for extra motivation in persevering and participating in the challenge.

If you’d like to join us in Clean Eating for five days, here’s what you need to do by Monday, February 22:

1. Please visit my personal BeachBody page @ www.beachbodycoach.com/wildberrycoach first. When you’ve reached this page, click JOIN and create free account. This is completely FREE and gives me the permission to coach you in the challenge

2. Go to Facebook and send me a friend request + a message that you signed up at my BeachBody page . If you do not “do” Facebook, no problem. Just send me an email @ andrea(at)wildberrypress(dot)com and I’ll include the plans, list and encouragement via email. However, you might want to consider signing up for Facebook even temporarily for this group as it will provide a space to gain extra encouragement from the Clean Eating Challenge community.

3.Once I “friend” you on Facebook, I will add you to our Clean Eating Challenge group. This will be a private group for challengers only and is the space where you will have access to the meal plans + community support.

4. Get EXCITED!!!!! This is a great step in the right direction to a “New Healthy YOU!!!”

Please note: I will be offline for personal reasons from Friday, February 12 through Friday, February 19, so please don’t panic if you don’t hear from me. I will get in touch with you by Monday, February 22.

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