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When you work with me in a private coaching experience, you receive the highest level of accountability and support possible – so minimize the chances of not following through with the actions you say you want to take. I’m right there with you, making sure you show up for yourself in the best way possible.


It also allows you to go deeper, faster and get to the bottom of what’s really been hindering you from achieving your wellness + life goals up until now. When we figure that out, the road to achieving your goals becomes much smoother, and ushers in both peace and joy.


As your coach, I will never tell you what to do (that’s not coaching, it’s consulting and advice-giving).


Instead, through listening deeply and asking you powerful questions, I help you arrive at the answers you know deep down are the right ones for you. I also teach how you to trust your God-given intuition and ability to discern His guidance for your life.


To learn more about my private coaching experience, request my program package details & confirm whether private coaching is the right fit for you, click here.



Group coaching allows you to start experiencing transformation with the community and connection of other women who have the same goals. My friend and business partner, Erin Kay, and I have put together an ah-mazing group coaching experience with the Lord’s guidance – Wholly Healthy Christian Moms (WHCM) – which includes access not only to group coaching sessions, but a library of self-paced holistic health programs (think Netflix (R), but it helps you get healthier) and smaller accountability groups with other members who have similar health goals, family situations or life stage (you get to choose the criteria!).


Our annual & lifetime WHCM members also have access to private coaching sessions in the form of bonuses or can add them onto their membership when they sense they need to go deeper in a more private sessions. Plus, the membership gives you access to not one, but two, certified coaches + Erin also is a licensed social worker, enabling her to bring her counseling expertise into the mix.


Group coaching is an excellent option if you:

  • thrive in group settings
  • crave community with other women believers
  • are financially in a position where a private coaching package might not be the right fit for right now
  • are self-motivated to show up even when it feels hard


Click here to see the full WHCM details and take a peek at our membership platform.



“Alone we can do so little, together we can do so much” Helen Keller


If you love the synergy and creative inspiration that happens when God brings together great minds who think alike, then let’s talk! Whether it’s collaborating on a social media campaign, equipping your audience with the tools and knowledge to make their health a priority, bonus offers for product launches, masterminds or workshops or summits, I love seeking ways we can support one another.

Have another idea? I’m all ears!


Contact me here to discuss a potential collaboration.





If you are a brand and would like to explore a collaboration via a sponsored post, please contact me here.

I’m always open to reviewing products & services, but to maintain trust with my community, I consider sponsored post opportunities based on how well they align with my values and that of my audience.


For example…

  • Christian products or services or those designed to reach that audience, especially those intended for women in general or moms specifically
  • Foods & beverages that are “clean,” have no or very little added sugar, and/or are organic
  • Environmentally and sustainable products, especially those used in the kitchen.
  • Products or services with a holistic health focus